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Thank you again for choosing Grassfrog Technologies for your website needs!

To ensure your domain name is transfered to the appropriate account, please fill out this authorization form. By submitting this form, you hereby release Grassfrog Technologies LLC of all responsibility for the registration and renewal of your domain name.

Upon submission of this form and corresponding fee, your domain will be released at the registrar for transfer, at which time you will initiate the transfer with YOUR registrar and make payment for your next year's domain registration.

Be aware that once a domain name is transfered at the registrar, there is no way for us to stop or undo the transfer, so be sure that all of the information you provide in this form is correct. Furthermore it is your responsibility to check and reset the DNS settings to Grassfrog's servers if your website is still hosted with us. Domain transfers are subjust to our standard support fee of $30 per request.

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Important: to keep your website hosted with Grassfrog, be sure to check your DNS settings once the transfer is complete. The DNS settings for your website should be pointing to or in order for the website to come up properly. Once your domain registration is transfered, it becomes your responsibility to manage your DNS settings.
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