01 Acknowledgments

appreciation for open source software

Grassfrog utilizes open source and public domain software and graphic components in our programming in order to offer our clients more choices at competitive pricing. These components are released under Creative Commons cc-by-sa or GNU GPLv3.

We would like to acknowledge and thank the following contributors for their open source components:

Open Source Software

Free Website Templates

We would like to extend a special thanks to TemplateMo.com for making attractive website templates available for free commercial use, including the one we are using on this website.

texting widget

Let Customers send you Text Messages on your Website

Check out the widget on our contact page. This preproduction version is available on any client website with no licensing cost (only a nominal fee for installation) - request yours here!


download free software

Free Software & Services

The software and services listed below are free to download and use. Some of the companies also offer a paid version of their services, so just be aware what you are downloading.

Special Google Searches:
1. Search the world by taking a picture with Google Goggles get it
2. Are you curious about how your website comes up on Google's mobile search?

Anti-virus Protection
AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition get it

Capture screenshots
Mirek's MW Snap get it

Edit and Resize Images:
PicPerks get it
Photo POS Pro: get it

Turn your documents into PDFs: PDFCreator get it

Useful Tools

Customer service
Make professional invoices for your clients using FreshBooks try it

Make your own custom favicon for your website using Favicon.cc get it

Password Generator
Free Password Generator creates secure passswords in your choice of length and character type: try it

URL Shorteners
Make a long URL into a short and managable one using Goo.gl (try it) or Bit.ly (try it) or Tiny Url (try it)

03 Share Alike

download free images

Here are some resources for free images, forms and code.

Free Images

  • Open Designs.org

    Free Business and Marketing Forms

    Stock Marketing Layouts

    Free Captchas, Widgets and Snippets of Code

  • Fun Google Graphics for your website

    Just copy the text in the text box to Notepad and replace the words (to make a space between words, use a + sign).


    Blue Pin-Up Note

    Grey Down-Arrow

    Yellow Stickie

    04Giving Back

    Web design image

    Free Images

    The following images are made available under Creative Commons CCbySA, which means they are free to use, but attribution (link back to this website) is required. Enjoy!

    "Katie in the snow"

    More photos:

    Creative Commons License
    These works are licensed under a CCbySA Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.