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Logo Design Services

If you are interested in designing a custom logo for your business, we can help! We can manage your logo design project, or if you prefer, design a logo for you (choice of 5 custom logos, refinement of selected logo starting at $250).

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A. Ready-to-Go Websites

Our ready-to-go websites come complete with design and content that is specific for your industry, making them the easiest for you to get your business up and running quickly on the web. We recommend that all clients utilize the built-in editing tools to customize their content to their business and their customer needs. Webmaster services are available if you would rather have us take care of all of your website updates.

Our new CMS2 web sites feature:

  • An easy-to-use Content Management System (CMS) to make updating your website a breeze.
  • Clean URLs - user-friendly URLs that enhance usability and search engine friendliness
  • Fancy URLs - each page of your website is named for the topic of the page, making it even easier for users to find, and also a plus for SEO.
  • Contact and order forms
  • Click-to-text or click-to-call me functionality
  • Professional email addresses ([email protected])
  • Social networking widgets
  • Custom meta tags
  • Advanced website statistics so you can monitor where your traffic is coming from and what keywords are working for you.

Our websites also come with an automatic mobile recognition so that it will render a plain white website (no graphics) to mobile browsers. For the best mobile experience, however, we strongly recommend building a custom mini-mobile website for your domain using our QuicklyMobile.com mobile website service.

We have been offering small business websites for over 10 years and have developed dozens of designs which you will be able to choose from when ordering your new website through Grassfrog. We can set up your website with just the basic pages, or we can build it out with tons of prewritten content that you may customize as you like. We offer prewritten content for the following occupations:

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B. Managed Hosting

We offer full-featured managed hosting services with all of our websites, with full email, website statistics and more. We utilize only class A data centers for our web hosting, and we monitor our servers 24/7 to ensure uptime and quality services.

C. Domain Names

The first thing you need to do when you decide to get a web site is register your domain name. Your domain name is what your customers will type in to get to your website - it cab be your business name, or any key words that you want your business to be associated with.

We have a limited number of premium domain names for sale, or you can register your own domain name by visiting www.LikeName.com or the domain registrar of your choice.

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D. E-Commerce Solutions

Selling something? We can set you up with a secure site certificate (SSL) and implement a full featured open source shopping cart on your website so your customers can purchase your products easily and with confidence. We can even integrate your shopping cart with FreshBooks to help you get paid quicker and make your billing seamless and user-friendly.

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E. Online Marketing

"More than 175 million people use Facebook. If it were a country, it would be the sixth most populated country in the world."
~Mark Zuckerberg

Social Networking Social networking sites are an excellent way to extend your market reach, and to help drive traffic to your main site. There are many options for social networking available on the web today. Facebook, Twitter, GooglePlus, YouTube, etc. - the list goes on. Check out Grassfrog's Quick Guide to Social Networking on our mobile site, Quickly Mobile.com to see what site(s) are right for your business marketing strategy.

E. SEO Services

New! Improve your Search Engine Rankings on Google for Free:
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Grassfrog is an industry leader in affordable and effective search engine campaigns for small businesses, with over 15 years of experience in this field. Follow the link below to read about our services, or click the button to join Grassfrog's Google Plus Project (it's easy and it's free!).

03Custom Services

Grassfrog web design

Custom Programming

Large or small, let us help you solve your project challenges using state-of-the-art technologies, and good old fashioned common sense. We take a business analyst approach to custom programming projects, which means that our customers get their problems solved faster and more efficiently without typical design-cycle delays. Contact us to request a quote today.

Customer Facing Websites

Customer Tools

Our success depends on your success! Let us help you develop and maintain excellent customer relations through customer-facing tools for your website including SMS messaging (Text-Me), click-to-call (Call-Me) buttons, Facebook integration, satisfaction surveys, testimonials, reciprocal link management, and more.

Widget #1: Click & I'll Call You

This is one type of click-to-call button we offer - this gives your visitors an instant way for you to reach them. The button, when pressed, opens up a window where the user will enter his or her name, phone number and email address. This information is then sent to your cell phone via SMS texting, or if you prefer, it can be emailed to your email account (or both).

Another version of this is currently in the works where the user can enter his or her name and number onto the widget then press to send it.

Finally, we have direct click to call buttons available on our mobile websites.

Have Me Call You Free Calling Widget
Customer Service Tools for your Website

More button styles available.

Widget #2: Click to Text

Let your visitors send you a direct SMS text message to your cell phone or GoogleVoice number, without revealing your mobile number. This widget is basically a stylized form which looks like a mobile phone but allows the user to enter their Name, Number and a brief message which is then sent to your cell phone via SMS. The form is secured by Google's reCaptcha to ensure only humans can send you text messages on your website.

Text Me Now
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