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Why Get a Mobile Website?

Mobile websites are specifically designed to optimize your user's experience with your content when accessed using a smart phone or small screen device. Getting a mobile website is also a great way to expand your clientele reach without paying for advertising, as Google Mobile provides a different set of search engine results to mobile users than the results one would see if searching the same keywords or key terms using a desktop or laptop. Grassfrog Technologies LLC has expertise in both natural search engine optimization and social media marketing.

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We utilize open source technologies for our content management systems and other applications we use. In order to provide your users with the clearest message and the smallest data footprint, our mobile websites are hand-coded using html, php and limited javascript, and do not come with a content management system.

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02 Why Get Likes?

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Likes = Views

Having more "likes" on your business or fan page increases the number of times that Facebook shows that page's posts on other people's newsfeeds (both of those who like that page as well as to their contacts). More "likes" on your page also lends it credibility to people who come across your page naturally, and more credibility on your business page also translates to more credibility for your business, at least as far as its online reputation.

Social technologies are here to stay, and can help your business expand its audience on the web. Let us help you choose the right social networks for your business or organization, and we can help you build your business presence on venues like Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus One. Check out our comprehensive review of the most popular social networking websites.

03Pay it Forward

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