01Domain Names

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Your business website should have a solid and memorable domain name that your customer can remember and easily find you by. Your choice of a domain name can also help your business be found in the search engines, for example, adding your location or your primary business to your domain name can help your business be found on those key words.

What's in a Name?

Try to keep your domain name short and memorable - for the best results, stick with a .com if you can get one (better than .net, .org, etc., unless in you're in Canada, in which case .ca is fine). Try to avoid hyphenation, strange spelling, or using any registered brand names in your domain. Your domain name can include your location and/or what your company does, for example, OH inspector.com, Orange County Home Inspection.com, or InspectMe.com.

If you have not yet selected a domain name, contact us and we can help you pick one that is right for you. Or, check out these websites for naming help:

Once you have your domain name, click here to get started with your new website.

A Word About Domain Registrars

While we work directly with OpenSRS/Tucows, our clients can use any domain registrar as long as you can control your own DNS settings so that we can host your domain. When you order your domain name, it should cost around $10-15 to register (the price varies by registrar but $10 per year is about average). Note: You do not need to order any upgrades or extras as we provide what you need with your website hosting.

Purchase your domain name through any domain registrar. We offer direct domain registration for $15 through Tucows, or we can register and manage your domain registration on your behalf for $35 per year. Click here to register your own name through Grassfrog Technologies LLC.

02Available Domains

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Domains for Sale

A good website starts with a solid domain name. Your choice of a domain name can help your business be found in the search engines - an easy to remember domain name can help your customers remember and find you. Grassfrog Technologies has the following premium domain names for sale:

03Domain Registration

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Grassfrog Technologies has partnered with OpenSRS Tucows to offer domain registrations, including .mobi domains through OpenSRS. When you buy a domain name through a Tucows partner, you are buying more than just a domain name. You are buying a commitment to the fairest, most honest, most consumer-friendly principles and policies in the industry, including their 40 day no-questions-asked domain name rescue policy. Please visit us at Likename.com to get your domain registered now.

Previous Likename customers, access your existing domain name registrations here. For the best support and the assurance that you will not have to pay additional fees to reactivate your name if you let it lapse, we encourage you to transfer your domain to LikeName through OpenSRS, but if you prefer to keep things the way they are, your site will continue to be serviced.

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Mobile Domains

.mobi is the official domain extension for mobile domains. If you want to register yourdomain.mobi, visit us on LikeName.com.

Please note that a new domain name is NOT required to have a mobile website - we can simply add your mobile site on as a subdomain to your existing website, or we can provide you with a default mobile domain if you host your site elsewhere.

If you simply want to get your site up and running for mobile browsers, ask us about our Quickly Mobile web package.