01 People are Talking about Grassfrog Technologies

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"Your work is awesome!"

"Wonderful! I have had so many positive comments about the website & the professional content. I would love to claim that I created it, but always tell the truth. Your work is awesome!"
Karen Livingston, Livingston Home Inspection

"High-end functionality on a moderate budget"

Grassfrog Technologies designed and built two business websites for my clients. Not just ordinary websites -- these have bells and whistles that give them high-end functionality on a moderate budget. The service and turnaround times were unbeatable. Hosting and design rates are all very reasonable, and I would highly recommend their services. The final product is professional and highly functional, including pages where our clients can submit their information to sign up for services and make payments on line, and a back end database for tracking our operations and results.

The best part is the back-end database customization. Roberta is an excellent communicator and she is very savvy when it comes to design. She knew what questions to ask us, made suggestions on how to build it as efficiently as possible (saving us some serious programming time and cost) and provided creative solutions to get us exactly what we needed. She communicates technical concepts in a way that laypeople can understand and provides options so I can choose the level of complexity and cost.

We track information on thousands of customers who have registered on our site on the databases she created on the back end. She also set it up so we come up at the top of the searches. Sweet! Multiple users can access the data and the database eliminates version control issues and passing around large spreadsheets by e-mail. She even set up protected portals that our clients can use to obtain information not available to the public. Awesome sites, amazing customer service. Grassfrog is my first choice when building a business website.

Dr. Elizabeth DeSouza, March 5, 2012
President, Felton Bay Logistics, LLC

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"Many Great Ideas, Outstanding Work"

Of course, Grassfrog Technologies has done an excellent job on my website, Roberta has many great ideas and is always thinking of ways to be more creative. I would not hesitate to recommend her because her work has been outstanding.
John Zimmerman

"Knowledgable, Prompt & at Reasonable Cost"

Roberta is knowledgable in web design and at reasonable cost. She is prompt and on time with her web design and troubleshooting of problems with your web site. I have used her when ever I have any problem with my web site and she is prompt in finding and fixing any problem."
Service Category: Graphic/Web Designer
Year first hired: 2005 (hired more than once)
Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, Good Value
Albert Chavez
AC Home Inspections, Albuquerque NM

"Most knowledgeable"

Hi Roberta,
It was a pleasure working with you on my website. I find you most knowledgeable in everything you have set up and especially the SEO optimization. My website was up and hitting on the front page of Google the first couple of weeks from publishing. Thank you for doing a great job. I'm thinking of having you create another site for the same services, linking and seo.
Thanks again for the great job you are doing.
John Dexter, February 27, 2012
Chief Building Inspector, DEXACO HOME INSPECTIONS, LLC.
Orlando Florida Home Inspector

"Keep up the great work"

"Roberta will always get my vote and anyone that wants to truly listen, I will give them my 2 cents worth concerning the great work that Roberta does. Keep up the great work Roberta. As for page ranking, Go to google and type in this to see where BeSure Home Inspection Service shows up on the page. Not bad if I may say so. Things to look for when having home inspection All of the websites looks like grassfrog to me."
Mark H Roe
BeSure Home Inspection Service
InterNachiOhio Chapter President

"Thanks for all your hard work"

"Roberta, I appreciate the services you offer and know from experience that you are doing everything in your power to rectify this situation as soon as possible. Thanks for all your hard work."
Michael Bazzo
Great Lakes Home & Property Inspections

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Highly Recommend

"Roberta designs quality, cost effective website environments for her Home Inspection clients. Her attention to detail and quality customer service is second to none. I highly recommend her services."
Will Handley, January 26, 2008
Owner, Progressive Inspection Service

Top Notch Website

"Roberta designed and implemented a top-notch, visually appealing website for my novel (Shadows of Medusa). The website allows me to market the book, update the supplementary science content directly, and capture on-line orders and payments via paypal. She's a wonderful person to work with, full of great ideas and energy. She set everything up on time and budget."
Brian Enke February 27, 2008
hired Roberta as a IT Consultant in 2004
Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Good Value

One of the best website designers I know

"Roberta is one the best website designers I know. All of the sites she has designed have high rankings. I highly recommend her for site design or site optimization.
Dale Duffy February 8, 2007
Inspect Arizona Companies, Inc.

"A truly consummate professional"

"Roberta is a conscientious and polished professional. I have worked with Roberta over the past year on several projects, the last being the most significant, the development of our website. The last thing we were looking for was a basic website with no direction or support from a developer that did not address or understand our needs. Without hesitation we knew this was a project for Roberta. Through her expertise, commitment and support we are now looking forward to our web traffic exceeding expectations. I highly recommend Roberta's services for anyone looking for a truly consummate professional."
Richard W. Shackelford February 8, 2007
hired Roberta as a Graphic/Web Designer in 2006, and hired Roberta more than once
Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

02 Search Engine Optimization

Environmental Design

"Thank you so much"

"Thank you so much for your help today. I just checked Google and my site is back on page one 6th spot."
Michael Bazzo, Great Lakes Home & Property Inspections

"Second to None"

My name is David Nasser. I have been a Home Inspector for the last 6 years. My website is www.Pyramid-home-inspections.net, created by Grassfrog Technologies.
My business is built upon having a top notch website to advertise and inform my customers. Grassfrog has given me the top of line Home Inspector website that has allowed me to be in business in the worst economic times since the depression. I'm thriving and growing !!!
Grassfrog's tech support and customer service is second to none !!!. Grassfrog is a throw back to Quality not Quantity...I can call and talk to a live person at anytime......For my website needs...Grassfrog is number one.
David Nasser
Southern California home inspector

Top of Google, Yahoo, Ask and Bing

"Your company has been an excellent company to be apart of. One year after you put my website together I have been at the top of google, yahoo,ask,Bing, and many others with 20 different keywords that market my service area. I have not lost those position in 6 yrs.
Curtis Petty Atlanta Home Inspector

In Top Positions

"I can say that Roberta is the best. I would recommend her professional services to anyone who is in need of internet presence. When my clients call me to book an inspection, most of them tell me that they chose me due to my great website and its content. Not only that, my sites are very easy to find. Roberta put her SEO skills into my site and I am now in top positions under the keyword "Massachusetts Home Inspection".
Thank you very much Roberta."
David Valley
Massachusetts Home Inspector

Instrumental in my Success

"Roberta has been instrumental in my internet marketing success! Her concepts have yielded results far beyond my expectations. I would highly encourage anyone to utilize her services."
John Harashinki, January 13, 2008
hired Roberta as a Graphic/Web Designer in 2005, and hired Roberta more than once
Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Good Value

03 Inspectors Agree!

Superior Product

Your Success is Our Success

I Really Love It!

"I really love it! I will be mentioning the great work you've done for me on InterNACHI's forum for sure. Again, thanks!!"
Jerry L. Burk II, JB Home Inspection Services LLC

Very happy with her service

I have been using Roberta's Grassfrog web service for years and I am very happy with her service and my web pages. They look very professional, and I have received many good comments from my clients and real estate agents on how awesome my web pages are.
Mike Grasso of Grasso Services Inc.

"I trust her with my livelihood"

I have been using Roberta Dulay from Grassfrog Technology for around 4 years and I highly recommend her for the following reasons She designed and created my website in a very timely manor She showed me how to get the most out of my website She is always there to answer any of my question Most important of all I do not have to worry about my site. If something happens to it she is there and takes care of it!
I trust her with my livelihood
Jeffrey W. Smith
Owner and President, Colonial Home Inspections LLC.

"Very Pleased"

(1) "Roberta helped set my site up and continues to help me (even as we speak). I've been very pleased."

(2) "Roberta has taken care of my issues. I noticed some of her emails to me were at 2 and 3 AM... definitely working around the clock. Thx Roberta!"
Newland Certified Home Inspections

"Wealth of Knowledge"

"Roberta had a wealth of knowledge to share with everyone at the convention. I would recommend her services to anyone. I have not had a need for her service yet, but I will definitely use her when I do."
Greg Bell, InterNACHI member and Space Coast Florida InterNACHI Chapter President

04and Agree...

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truly the best

Roberta Dulay at Grassfrog Technologies set me up with an inspector's website... very easy to set up....very effective at getting me business...
Roberta is truly the best !! And one of the best InterNACHI allies one could wish for !
Best regards, and a BIG Thank You to Robera D !!
Larry Freeze
Freeze Home Inspections Central Texas home inspector

"Service has been Marvelous"

"Roberta, thanks, we got this all figured out. Your service has been marvelous."
Lynn White

"A GREAT Value"

"I can wholeheartly recommend Roberta and her hosting company with no questions. It is a GREAT value and a very professional site."
Mark Roe


"Roberta helped me set up my site and she was terrific! I'd recommend her (and Grass Frog) to anyone.
Bill Smith

"HIGHLY recommend"

I just wanted to plug a little for Roberta Dulay at Home Inspection Website.com. She did a fantastic job for me (and I was her first InterNACHI client). Her skills are worth the wait and are VERY affordably priced. I booked an inspection today for a client who found my website. The reason they contacted me was that the husband is a web designer and REALLY liked my site along with the information I have posted. He purposely did not contact other inspectors with web sites based strictly on their site design and layout. If you don't have a site or are looking to change hosts, I HIGHLY recommend Roberta."

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