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Grassfrog Technologies LLC has specialized in small business websites, natural search engine optimization and custom database programming since 2001. Some of our projects include:

  • Contractor Training Enrollment system
  • Custom content management system for Aircell
  • Throughput Distribution Calculator for BP Oil
  • PHP based Physician search tool for WinHealth Parters
  • Custom programming for the Leadership and Learning Center

We utilize open source components and templates in our programming in order to keep costs down and offer our clients the best of what's available to them, at competitive pricing.

Our websites are search engine friendly and come with built-in content management tools which allow our clients to update their websites quickly and easily without needing any special HTML expertise. We also offer webmaster services for clients who prefer a full-service solution.

02Case Study

Custom database programming

Class Enrollment System

October 2011
Problem: My client was tasked with the responsibility to conduct training classes throughout the state for a conservation services client. They wanted to be able to enroll students online, assign them to classes, manage communications and track class projects. Plus, they needed the system to be ready to go within a few weeks, and had limited budget to work with.
Solution: We rolled up our sleeves and programmed around the clock to build a custom web-based class enrollment system (CES) in under two weeks. Our system featured the same look & feel of the client's main website so that it could be linked to seamlessly, and contained hooks back to the main website to ensure a smooth visitor experience. The CES allowed students to learn about and sign up for classes on the website, and provided the office a secure admin portal to manage announcements on the home page, add new facilities, create new classes, assign students to classes, notify students, accept tuition payments, and track class progress. We integrated their system with PHPlist for ongoing communications, and set up a trainer's portal so that the trainers could view class schedules and print individual class rosters. We also set up a client's portal where the client could log in and view reports, and also make recommendations for the program.

Client feedback:
"The final product is professional and highly functional, including pages where our clients can submit their information to sign up for services and make payments on line, and a back end database for tracking our operations and results.
Roberta is an excellent communicator and she is very savvy when it comes to design. She knew what questions to ask us, made suggestions on how to build it as efficiently as possible (saving us some serious programming time and cost) and provided creative solutions to get us exactly what we needed. She communicates technical concepts in a way that laypeople can understand and provides options so I can choose the level of complexity and cost.
We track information on thousands of customers who have registered on our site on the databases she created on the back end. She also set it up so we come up at the top of the searches. Sweet! Multiple users can access the data and the database eliminates version control issues and passing around large spreadsheets by e-mail. She even set up protected portals that our clients can use to obtain information not available to the public. Awesome sites, amazing customer service. Grassfrog is my first choice when building a business website.
Dr. Elizabeth DeSouza
President, Felton Bay Logistics, LLC

03Client Feedback

testimonials from happy clients

More Client Feedback

"Jobfiler is a unique, creative and well designed tool for job seekers. Roberta has been very helpful and responsive to questions, comments, suggestions, etc. She has a customer/client focus and sense of urgency that is often absent in programmers/developers."
George Smith, StaffingLinks.com

"Roberta and I collaborated on the development of a new corporate Web site, which features a custom-engineered Content Management System [for] non-technical personnel in customer service, marketing, and human resources [to] update Web site content for their own departments. Besides technical programming skills, Roberta also has a solid understanding of the business processes underlying the technological choices. Additionally, she has good planning and communications skills, which are essential for successful projects like the site we completed. That site was well regarded by all the company stakeholders and the public." February 8, 2007
Phil Tobias, AirCell

"Roberta is one the best website designers I know. All of the sites she has designed have high rankings.
I highly recommend her for site design or site optimization.
Dale Duffy, Inspect Arizona Companies, Inc. Scottsdale, Arizona" February 8, 2007

"Roberta has done good work for us and has been very helpful in helping us learn to use the system she set up for us." February 11, 2004
Ken Bingenheimer, Leadernship and Learning Center

"Roberta has a talent for creating great relationships with customers and providing them with what they want when they want it. She excels at learning new tools and using them to solve business problems. She is one of the most intelligent, persistent and versatile people I have ever worked with. If she is on a project, she will do whatever it takes to complete it."
Thomas Klugh, worked with at Perceptive Informatics

"Roberta Dulay is a true professional who is devoted to developing excellence and success, in herself and her clients. I recommend her very highly!" January 14, 2004
Bob Sienkiewicz, worked with at Roadrunner Sports

"I consider myself lucky to have found Roberta. She is trustworthy, good at what she does and fast as well, which keeps the costs down. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone I know who needs her services." January 23, 2004
Don Sutton, ReMax

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