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Linking with other quality websites is an excellent way to increase your exposure and improve your search rankings on Google. Grassfrog Technologies LLC offers the opportunity to link with other quality websites, both directly and indirectly. We also offer managed link services through our full service search engine optimization program.

Link Exchange Tips

Here are two good ideas for finding quality link exchange partners for your website. First off, try visiting DMOZ/ODP (www.dmoz.org) and select the category that is best related to your website. Visit the websites on that category and contact the webmasters of sites that you like, requesting that they exchange links with you. A nice protocol to follow is to go ahead and add a link to their site from yours, and then to write them and ask them to link back to you. You can always remove the link if they do not care to reciprocate.

Another way to find link partners is searching on Google.com for your top keywords. For example if you are willing to rank for "blue widgets", go to google.com and do a search for this keyword. Check out the top 20-30 websites for that keyword, and contact the owners/webmasters of those websites to request a link exchange.

This gets a little tricky if you are searching for geographically specifically keywords and you are a local business (since the top results are most likely your competitors). In this case, I would recommend searching for either related industries in your location, or for your industry in different areas of the country as either way you would be building topic specific link exchanges with sites who are not directly in competition with you.

Google+1 Project (G+1):

According to Google, democracy on the web works. Join the Google+ revolution or be left in the dust, as your competitors build their Google Circles and get +1's on their websites - better to get on top of this now than wait to see how it affects your search rankings if you don't.

If you want to participate in GooglePlus but don't know how or where to begin, you have come to the right place. Simply join our Google+1 Project - it's easy and it's totally free. Click here to join Grassfrog's Google+1 project.

Grassfrog's G+ Project

Managed Link Exchanges

To link with these websites, just click on the "exchange" link to email their links manager.

02Direct Link Partners

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To link with these websites, click on the link to visit the website, then use their contact page or email link to request a reciprocal link. Be sure to request a link exchange only if you have a direct (non-triangular) link.

Featured Inspectors

  1. Arizona: Dwelling Doctors, Phoenix AZ
  2. California: Pyramid Home Inspections, Moreno Valley CA
  3. Connecticut: Gary Oleski Home Inspections, Connecticut home inspector
  4. Illinois: Balrig Inspection Services, Illinois Home Inspector
  5. Iowa: J&P Inspections, Iowa Home Inspector
  6. Iowa: Iowa Mold Inspections
  7. Massachusetts: Massachusetts Home Inspections
  8. Massachusetts: Massachusetts Thermal Imaging
  9. Michigan: MJM Home Inspections, Michigan Home Inspector
  10. New Jersey:On The Level Home Inpections, New Jersey home inspector
  11. New York:Colonial Home Inspections, Albany NY home inspector
  12. Rhode Island: Home Safe Home Inspections, Rhode Island
  13. Texas: Be Informed Home Inspections, Dallas Fort Worth Home Inspector
  14. Albuquerque, NM: AC Home Inspections, Albuquerque NM
  15. Richmond, VA: HouseProbe Home Inspections, Richmond Virginia
  16. Phoenix, AZ: Dwelling Doctors
  17. Shelby Township, MI: MJM Home Inspections
  18. Gainesville, FL: Bungalows to Mansions Professional Home Inspection
  19. Woodstock, IL : PriorityOne Home Inspections Northeast Illinois
  20. Chandler AZ : Arizona Professional Home Inspection
  21. Edgar Woodson Brick, NJ : Anchor Inspection Services
  22. Washington Township, MI : Great Lakes Home & Property Inspections
  23. Burlington, NJ: A Closer Look Home Inspections
  24. Fayetteville, GA: Accurate Home Inspections, Georgia Accurate Home Inspections, Fayettevile, Georgia
  25. Mark Roe Lancaster, Ohio : BeSure Home Inspection Service serving all of Ohio.
  26. Falcons Home Inspection
  27. Tyrone, GA : Newland Certified Home Inspections
  28. Warwick, Rhode Island: Home Safe Rhode Island
  29. Brantford, Ontario (Canada): Crooker Hancox, Brantford ONT
  30. Bellingham, Wa. Helm Home Inspections NW Washington
  31. Clarkston, MI : Detroit Michigan Home Inspection
  32. James E. Braun Jefferson City, Missouri : Missouri Home Inspection
  33. John Harashinski Barnegat NJ : On The Level Home Inspections
  34. Bee Sure Home Inspection Services

03More Opportunities

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Open Link Exchanges

Here are some additional companies who are willing to exchange high quality links with other, professional websites. To be listed on this page, contact us.

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