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Template Customization versus Custom Design

We offer two levels of customization services for our clients' websites - template customization (adding logos and color choices to an existing template design) and custom design. The former is done as a flat rate project which helps keep costs low and turnaround quick. The examples you see on this website and the links we provide for you to view some of our past design projects display both custom and modified-template design services.

Free Vs. Customized Template

Free Design Template

Custom Design based on Template

Thank you for taking the time to review our samples. If you have any questions or if we can be of further assistance, please contact us.


Design Points

Rules of Design

Having been involved in web design over the past decade plus, I learned a thing or two about design:

  1. What looks good to one person doesn't necessarily look good to another
  2. "Fancy" and "Functional" are not always in line with one another. Sometimes you have to sacrifice "fancy" for other attributes like "fast loading" easy to navigate" and "good for search engine visibility"
  3. Clients want to make their marketing dollars work harder and longer, which means spending their money where it counts - on functionality, search engine capabilities, and traffic generation.
  4. Pre-designed website templates are cheap (often free) and easy to come by
  5. Customizing a pre-designed website template takes just a fraction of the time it takes to make a custom design.

For these reasons, and more, you will find many of the comps shown on this page are examples of template modifications, rather than custom design. There are also several link on this page as well which will lead you to some live design samples. Enjoy!

stop obama now
from: StopObamaNow.com

We offer a range of templates for each of the industries we service. Contact us for specifics for your field or industry.


Grassfrog web design

Custom Design

Here are some examples of custom templates we did for some of our home inspection clients. These websites all utilize our original CMS1, many of them customized designs based on our original home inspector website template set.

Wild Dutchman Seeds
comp for Wild Dutchman Seeds

Pacific Inspection Group
Pacific Inspection Group, Hawaii

Iowa Mold Inspections
Iowa Mold Inspections

TM Home Inspections
T/M Home Inspections, Florida

Ready Websites with SEO built in

Modified Template Designs

A modified template design is the fastest and most affordable way to get a website that is unique to your business. Here, we integrate your logo, colors and photographs into the template design of your choice for a flat rate project fee. The following websites all utilize our original CMS1, many of them customized designs based on our original template set.

Atlanta Home Inspection
Atlanta Home Inspections

AC Home Inspections