Participation Guidelines

Please click on the sites that interest you, then click on their Google +1 button. You will need to be signed in to your Google (Gmail) account, and the first time you +1 something, it will ask you a few set up questions.

We ask that participants +1 as many members as possible, but understand if you skip a site due to its subject, content, or because they are a competitor. Please bookmark this page and check back on this list every so often, as more sites will be added.

Our email list provides important announcements and reminders about this program, and is a requirement of participation. To subscribe or unsubscribe from our mailing list, please visit

To remove yourself from the program, for removal from this list.

G+ Program Terms of Service:

Following are the terms and conditions of participation in Grassfrog's Google+1 Project. Participants must agree to these terms and subscribe to our newsletter to participate.

  1. Participation in this project is free and voluntary.
  2. Participants agree to receive project related emails from Grassfrog Technologies, and may opt out of the emails and the program at any time by contacting us. Participants must have a valid email address and a valid website with the Google +1 code clearly displayed on the home page to participate. Grassfrog reserves the right to refuse participation at any time and for any reason. Participation is limited to one website per business; ongoing SEO customers may include one additional website in the project. If you have additional websites you would like to promote in this program, contact us.

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    Don't forget to add a link to our project from your home page. We offer two different button styles, as shown below (buttons can be rendered in one of three sizes).

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    Join us on Grassfrog's G+ Project